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unsplash-logoCel Lisboa

New Moon/August 11th 2018 / 10.57 GMT

Partial Solar Eclipse/August 11th 2018 / 10.46 GMT

Here's the details I'm most interested in with this week's New Moon/Eclipse and the overall energies of lunar magic. Their meaning and explanation is below:-

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We’re promised a great new start, if and when we can clear the decks of bullsh*t in our lives. This may cause chaos, and may connect us in to the fight of our life. The question is, how great is your life while you sit on your truth? I give you, June’s New Moon!

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unsplash-logoRicardo Rocha

Second time lucky. Listen in tonight to our show as we actually celebrate the launch of my Patreon page. www.http://patreon.com/louisatannermunson,com and discuss the significance of numbers! (astrologically)

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unsplash-logoAshes Sitoula

I'm tired of *incense and *yoga pants. I want to bust out of the world of where astrology usually sits. Don't get me wrong - I like a bit of *Nag Champa and a good stretch, but astrology seems to take place in mystic fairs and in online forums...I want it to breathe in the fresh light of day. I'm up for a possibility that astrology sits in a world where it reaches everyone and without stigma.

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unsplash-logoNathan Dumlao

The collective and private hurts of humanity are up for reevaluation. Want to know how to move beyond this wave of anger? The answer is within your personal chart, revealed by your own Chiron placement.

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