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bespoke astrology consultation - most popular products

The 90 Minute Consultation + (with pre and post consultation calls) is the most requested product I do. The personal touch makes a huge difference to getting you the right answer. The 90 minute and 60 minute consultations are next most popular. Please ensure you send your question or requirements for the consultation to me, once you’ve paid. Click on the button below to advise me of your requirements.

A 90 Minute consultation with Pre and Post consultation calls…

You decide the length of astrological consultation with me (Louisa…


The Return Reports

The return reports I do, allow you to understand the repeating patterns of your life. and to learn how they might impact you next time around. Your Solar return occurs around the time of your birthday every year. Your Jupiter return occurs every 11/12 years. Most people live to experience two Saturn returns (around 29 years and 58), one Chiron return (around 50/51). 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Choose this reading if you'd like a fun…


Chiron influences your soul's directive, childhood healing, childhood programming and…


In this mp3 recording you will learn about the role…


This report will prime you for your next Jupiter return…


understanding relationship reports

Understanding our relationships is one of the most important facets of life. It is what makes and breaks us.  Our energies interact with each another. It seems impossible that we can live without interaction at all. We are all interconnected whether we like it or not.

In relationship to others we have the chance to understand ourselves through the lens of our own emotional wounding and the projections of ourselves we see in the people around us. Astrology shows us this so perfectly.

Whether you choose to explore your possibilities for intimacy, choose to look at your compatibility with another, or to unlock your ‘family code of ancestral trauma patterns’, astrology is ever your faithful servant.

Our ancestral and trauma patterns are all coded within our…


How do you best receive love? How can you increase…


In this mp3 recording you will learn the secrets of…


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