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I can’t start working on your reading without some important information. Please complete the questionnaire below, and if you’d like to send me any more information about your situation or needs, please do email me at You can also WhatsApp me on 00 351 917 832 233 or drop me a line via twitter / facebook / youtube @feelgoodastrology

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Louisa x

In case of difficulties in connection via email (emails sometimes go astray in Junk Mail Folders, or emails are typed in incorrectly). Feel free to take my WhatsApp number 00351 917 382 233
Countries can format their dates of birth differently (ie: US and the UK birthdates are differently formatted). The month of birth, confirms that I have your charts set up correctly!
Give me as much or as little information as you'd like. You can also email me at, if you want to write with lots of detail. I use asteroids in my reading, so your extra details can help me select the right asteroids. Its not essential though.
You can read about this here, I never use your data to profit myself. I keep it safe, because that's just how I roll! 🙂