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I have four membership or coaching plans to choose from. Each plan is designed to suit different levels of guidance, support and enquiry.

When you choose a membership or coaching plan, you also enjoy additional membership benefits, such as generous store discounts, bonus forecasts and opportunities to learn more about astrology. Click the link to learn more about them.

Start your day the 'feel good' way!

The Daily Uplift plan

Stay informed and nourished with this plan. It includes:-

  1. The daily astrological forecast (3-5 minute MP3)
  2. The weekly guided meditation (10-20 minute MP3)

  • More than 2 hours of monthly support materials from Louisa

€11.99 per month

where the results are greater than the sum of the parts

The guidance plan

  1. To forecast the potentials of your personal month ahead (approx 20 minute MP3)
  2. To give astrological guidance to you when life is unclear (additional 20 minute MP3 when you need it)

£49.99 per month

love yourself better

The coaching plan

  1. To help you ‘let go’ of what isn’t working for you anymore
  2. To help you take back control and plan a new direction

  • 4 hours a month of personal therapeutic coaching, booked as weekly, hour long sessions with Louisa

£199 per month

A luxurious deep dive into yourself

The ascendancy plan

  1. To facilitate your own explorations into yourself
  2. To support you in whatever way helps your journey

  • Up to 12 hours a month of personal therapeutic coaching booked directly with Louisa, by agreement

£499 per month

IMportant information about the coaching plans

the nuts and bolts

Levels of membership

The coaching plans have limited places to ensure that I (Louisa), don’t over extend myself. I like to give you the best quality I can. I prioritise my comfort and wellbeing, so that I can juggle motherhood and my immersive career choice. For my own selfish reasons I keep these coaching plan subscriptions small. 

When you apply for a coaching plan membership, there may be a waiting list, but I’ll communicate with you within a couple of days to let you know how soon I think we might work together.

I have the following numbers of places within membership:-

  • The Guidance Plan – up to 12 places
  • The Coaching Plan – up to 5 places
  • The Ascendancy Plan – up to 2 places

Outsourcing and partnerships

I do not outsource this coaching work to other people. Not ever. In the instance I think a client might find a different coach beneficial, I may make a recommendation. I only recommend people whose work I have experienced myself. I currently don’t take any referral fees, though if I did, I would declare this transparently. 

The guidance plan

The Guidance Plan is a monthly recurring membership. The work I do with you is remote. I ask you each month via email/messenger, what you’d like me to focus on, and then I tailor your monthly update to meet your needs. Membership with The Guidance Plan is therefore personalised, but it doesn’t include a live consultation. We communicate through the medium of electronic message. It is based on a formula of me sending you an astrological update of approximately 20 minutes. I also send you a recorded MP3 answer to a question that you might ask me during your membership. You have a monthly allowance of one question a month. This plan has been running for almost a year, and has proven very successful and useful. The testimonials are amazing, and client loyalty is joyously high!

the coaching and ascendancy plans

The Coaching and Ascendancy Plans are HIGHLY PERSONALISED. The plans include an allocation of coaching sessions via live video calls between us. This isn’t strictly an astrological coaching plan. It includes any kind of attention that I’m trained to give you. Currently the sessions are a mix of listening, coaching, NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming), Time Line Therapy and Hypnotic suggestions. As an intuitive, I sometimes ‘spontaneously channel’ some wisdom your way, when I ‘just know something’. Where the use of astrology is helpful, we can use it. The sessions are unique to you and your needs.

I anticipate that your coaching needs might be intense at first, and that over time, we might need to speak less frequently. Your payments are on a rolling monthly basis but you can cancel your next month’s commitment, when you feel you have had enough. Clients sometimes find that they downgrade to less coaching time, or to The Guidance Plan. As one client said recently ‘Its not about the astrology. I book time with you because you’re part of my self care plan’

Your privacy with the technology I use

I use a combination of technologies in the running of my coaching plans:-

Whatsap, Messenger, Zoom, Skype, GetVokl, Gmail, YouTube, Spreaker, Trello, WordPress, and WEvideo. Anything I record for you is marked as private and is shared with you privately via a password protected webpage that only you and I have the password for. I am the only person who uses my laptop and who has access to my accounts with these 3rd party applications. 

If you choose to invest in a coaching plan with me, please ensure you are comfortable with me using one of more of these technologies.