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The Deeper Message from the Cosmos

Each month, I add a few video forecasts exploring the deeper meaning of the planetary energy from an asteroid point of view.

Not just asteroids, but Trans-Neptunian objects, Dwarf Planets, Uranian Planets, Centaurs and Plutinos.

The significance of these cosmic bodies from our solar system, is that they bridge the consciousness between the outer planets (Uranus, Neptune and Pluto), bringing it to our awareness (with Jupiter and Saturn), allowing us to register and understand cosmic truths at a personal and real level. (through our Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars preferences)

Their unique positions within the solar system and their sometimes unusual orbits, bring us a burst of insight, spirit and energy, that transcends what we might glean from the planets alone.

Join me in this journey of integrating the cosmic message within the current and future forecasts. 

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February 2020 Content

Let’s have a look at this month’s Full and New Moons from the perspective of the DEEPER COSMIC MESSAGE and explore how you might use this information to prosper

January 2020 Content

Let’s have a look at this month’s Full and New Moons from the perspective of the HUGE CAPRICORN CONJUNCTION. I mean the last time we had a Saturn/Pluto conjunction was 38 years ago!!! There is definitely a DEEPER COSMIC MESSAGE to explore as this is a generation setter and the energies of this will be felt for many years to come.

December 2020 Content

This month is no disappointment with cosmic occurrences. With two powerful Full and New Moons including a powerful eclipse, and Jupiter moving into the sign of Capricorn – this is a serious month, and one that starts the build up to the incredible and rare Capricorn Pluto/Saturn conjunction. This month has a STRONG AND DEEP COSMIC MESSAGE and you might want to explore this thoroughly

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