A step by step FREE COURSE


With 10 Instructional Videos to guide you to explore your Birth Chart

  • 10 Instructional Videos

    Available on my YouTube Channel, over 7 hours of material

  • Practical Astrology E-book

    The E-book and Videos follow and supplement each other. It's useful to refer to whilst you are working through the videos. 

  • Practical Astrology Workbook

    The Workbook has 'reflective exercises' for you to complete to reinforce your own learning. Each exercise you complete, will assist you to apply Astrology to your own life. As you complete each exercise, you will have learnt all the basic skills you need to be able to plan and predict your life. 

  • Additional Free Resource List

    A list that I regularly update with all my free astrology resources, to assist you in decoding your own chart. Use these to help design and predict your future.

Put the planetary cycles in your hands. Stay 100% empowered in your own future…Design your life, Make astrology work for you. Think like an astrologer

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What You Need to Know, to Predict and Plan Your Life

Most astrology courses are theoretical only. This course applies the learning so you can make astrology work for you just as quickly as you can complete the step-by-step free online course material


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