Understanding Trauma & Ancestral Patterns

Our ancestral and trauma patterns are all coded within our birthcharts, and with a little bit of deeper investigation, they can show us how and where we might be able to heal, or how they even occurred in the first place. This is an intense type of reading, most usually selected by someone in the middle of a trauma, who has the distinct feeling that there's a greater significance and a bigger story going on. With the use of Asteroids, I (Louisa) can look at some of your ancestors (and descendants), to see the part they too are (have been) playing. Depending on your budget, curiosity and needs, this can be either 60 or 90 minutes long.

As each MP3 recording is entirely bespoke and tailored to your time, place and date of birth, please understand that this can take up to 14 days to prepare and send to you. Please complete the attached form when you have paid for your consultation (click the button below the payment button). It has important pre-consultation questions for you to complete, prior to me making your recording.