The Solar Return Report

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Choose this reading if you'd like a fun look at the potentials for your year ahead and to know ahead of time, what the key trends are and how best to make the most of them. The Solar Return marks the moment, the Sun gets round to the same place it was in at the exact moment of your birth (delineated by your time, place and date of birth). This reading, is based on the chart created the exact moment, your Sun returns. It paints the picture of your new year ahead.

The Solar Return might actually happen a day before or after your birthday, because birthdays aren't astronomically correct when we keep the calendars we do, so in fact it actually celebrates your 'Astronomical' birthday.

As each recording is entirely bespoke and tailored to your time, place and date of birth, please understand that this can take up to 14 days to prepare and send to you. Please complete the preferences form when you have paid for your consultation (click the button below the 'purchase' button. It has important pre-consultation questions for you to complete, prior to me (Louisa) making your recording.