The Saturn Return Report

In this mp3 recording you will learn about the role of Saturn and the Saturn Returns in your life. Saturn influences your stability, status, resources and mental health. This report will prime you for your next Saturn return and help you understand your last Saturn Return. You can get ready to ride 'Saturn's waves' of creating structure, refining direction and achievement, and find yourself in a more stable place.

In this way you can be prepared. When we fail to have workable plans and contingency, the Saturn Return is merciless. Likewise, when we haven't reviewed our plans to see if they're still fit for purpose, we often feel trapped, isolated, restricted and imprisoned by our beliefs and expectations. Understanding this important return is a key component to successfully maturing as it represents a key 'rite of passage' for every soul who lives beyond the ages of 30 and 60 (The first SR hits around the age of 29 and a half. The second SR hits around the age of 58. The effects of the approaching SRs can be felt for many months before, and the after effects can continue playing out for the following couple of years). Given that Saturn is a slow mover, you might also find an exploration of Saturn, useful if you've got a difficult Saturn time coming up (Saturn aspecting your Sun, Moon or crossing over an angle for example)

As each recording is entirely bespoke and tailored to your time, place and date of birth, please understand that this can take up to 14 days to prepare and send to you. Please complete the preferences form when you have paid for your reading (click on the button below the 'purchase' button). It has important pre-recording questions for you to complete, prior to Louisa making your recording, which ensures your reading reflects what you need to know.