The Chiron Return Report

Chiron influences your soul's directive, childhood healing, childhood programming and mental health. If you buy this report before or during your Chiron Return, this report will prime you and help you understand what's going on. It's quite normal to feel very 'triggered' by a Chiron return as it brings up many unresolved themes from your childhood for you to understand at a deeper level. In this mp3  recording you will learn about the role of Chiron and the Chiron Return in your life, around the age of 50/51.

It is possible to ride 'Chirons's waves', so you don't feel lost during this intensive transit. It is possible to decode how Chiron works in your life, and predict how he is likely to 'make himself heard' 

In this way you can be prepared. When we have worked through our childhood wounds and have grown wiser, we're able to use the Chiron Return to go deeper into wisdom and peace. We are also more likely to hit our 50's decade up and running. Letting go of our Chiron debris, sets a new theme that can awaken us, keep us younger, more flexible and at the same time give us the wisdom to know when to move forward and when to retreat. This kind of wisdom comes from the unfettered soul - someone happy in themselves.

When we haven't healed our Chiron debris, it tends to reappear in ever more new and challenging ways. It asks you 'who are you?' 'What are you afraid of?' 'What' triggers your wounds?', and then these answers tend to play out, one after the other. 

Understanding this important return is a key component to successfully maturing into a new way of life. At 50 most of us are past the midpoint of longevity. It represents a key 'rite of passage' for every soul who yearns to enjoy a relaxed and purposeful 'part 2' (Part 1, being 1-49)

As each recording is entirely bespoke and tailored to your time, place and date of birth, please understand that this can take up to 14 days to prepare and send to you. Please complete the preferences form when you have paid for your reading (Click the button below the 'purchase' button). It has important pre-recording questions for you to complete, prior to me (Louisa) making your recording, which ensures your reading reflects what you need to know.