Live Video Coaching


Sometimes its good to have a sounding board, and a chance to get some some private, face to face guidance.

With a Live Coaching Consultation, I can cater for your needs in 'Real time', so you can ask me a question at any point, and have greater flexibility over your consultation.

In return for your investment, you will receive a recorded MP4 video of our session, so you can watch it as many times as you'd like. I will post any work I do with you to a private, password protected page, where you'll be able to download/view it.

Many people use these sessions, simply to talk through a situation and feel supported. As an experienced coach, 'confidente' and intuitive, I listen really deeply and am able to hold a safe and secure space for you. I am also good at getting you to the crux of your situation, so that we can find practical strategies and a clearer story to work with.

Astrologically, I'll let you know when situations are likely to 'release' and when your 'best new starts' can occur. I hope to share with you, what you need to know, that you don't already know, that can save you time, money and heartache. This may come from astrology, my observations of the words you use (NLP), or from 'channelled' messages.

You can buy a session or a series of sessions according to what you'd like to work through. If we have not worked together before, the first meeting should be 90 Minutes to ensure thoroughness.

Additional sessions can then be purchased as requied. The more you purchase, the greater the savings. If you think that a weekly, hour long session would suit you even better, then please do consider a Luxury Coaching Plan Membership. 

If this sounds like the best solution for you, please complete your requirements in the form provided below,  select the amount of sessions you require and then click on the PURCHASE button.

Really looking forward to working with you soon.

Write as much or as little as you like. I will do my best to answer your questions and concerns. If you want to go into lots of detail, please drop it over to me in an additional email to Thank you