Recorded MP3 Reading

Need an Answer? QUICKLY! On any subject? Well this is for you! I can give you my attention to look at your chart and record you an answer, illuminating the main facets of your situation. My recorded guidance readings are very popular with all my clients.

You'll receive MP3 recording, posted to a private page between us. From this page, you'll be able to listen to the answer on a player, or download it to your preferred device. Simply, choose the length of your reading from the drop down menu below, and then decide if you want to wait a short while or Jump the Queue.

I usually have a waiting list of approximately 3 weeks, but in urgent situations, can usually help you out within 48 hours. If you need an express 'Jump the Queue' answer, there's an additional fee of €50.00 and you can book this below.

PLEASE NOTE. I DO NOT GUARANTEE OUTCOMES. I cannot predict times of birth, death, recovery. But I can see the situations and energies unfold in your situations, which clients say is reassuring and beneficial.



There's two steps tp making a booking with me:-

  1. Complete the short form below AND CLICK SUBMIT. If you don't click submit, I won't have any information to do your reading with. Please ensure you give me a current email address. Our PayPal addresses and current email addresses are often different. In the occurrence that I need to contact you, please supply me with your current email address.
  2. Select your reading and make your purchase.

I really look forward to working with you shortly. If for some reason, you need to contact me, you can reach me at



In case of difficulties in connection via email (emails sometimes go astray in Junk Mail Folders, or emails are typed in incorrectly). Feel free to take my WhatsApp number 00351 917 382 233
Countries can format their dates of birth differently (ie: US and the UK birthdates are differently formatted). The month of birth, confirms that I have your charts set up correctly!
Give me as much or as little information as you'd like. You can also email me at, if you want to write with lots of detail. I use asteroids in my reading, so your extra details can help me select the right asteroids. Its not essential though.
You can read about this here, I never use your data to profit myself. I keep it safe, because that's just how I roll! 🙂