With the 60 minute reading, you'll receive an hour long MP3 recording about your situation and an in depth examination of how your situation has evolved, how it's evolving and strategies that might be useful in changing or blasting through your patterns.

The more information you share with me at the start of the process, the more I can drill down into the specifics of your astrological chart. Names of people, places, events often have asteroids with the same name. The position of these asteroids can give a much more cosmic view of your life, from a completely different perspective.

Of course, I can also just work with the core planets of the solar system. However I work with you, when I find myself in flow, you'll often get a channelled message in the reading too, and this is why, I prefer to work remotely - so I find myself in a 'flow meditative state' to work in, from which you'll get the best out of me.

Following on from this reading, you might decide that monthly membership  or coaching is a useful addition to your ongoing strategy. I have many clients who use the ongoing relationship to plan their businesses, their schedules and plan for their ambitions to manifest.

If this sounds like the best solution for you, please complete your requirements in the form provided below,  and then click on the PURCHASE button.

Really looking forward to working with you shortly.

Give me as much or as little information as you'd like. You can also email me at louisa@feelgoodastrology.com, if you want to write with lots of detail. I use asteroids in my reading, so your extra details can help me select the right asteroids. Its not essential though.
You can read about this here, www.feelgoodastrology.com/privacy-policy/ I never use your data to profit myself. I keep it safe, because that's just how I roll! 🙂