Soulwaves ‘Your Future History’ Consultation

This is an adventure into the nature of your reality. Based on the amazing and inspiring 'Soulwaves - A Future History' book (by multiple author, Tom Evans), this consultation explores many of the book's key metaphysical theories and applies them directly to your personal karmic journey here on Earth.

Subjects explored include the following:-

  • The 'Soulwave' energy that you were conceived and born into and why.
  • Your relationship to Earth and the Solar System - What are you here to give and learn?
  • The unique way that you initiate new projects and leave them
  • Your organic and inorganic survival mechanisms
  • How you might be exploring your life regarding future 'Soulwaves'

In this reading I refer to 4 different perspectives of your birthchart, (Geocentric, Declination, Heliocentric and Latitude charts). The 4 charts are 4 different perspectives of your experience within this time and space solar system.

To put this into plain speak.  If you were going somewhere new, you would need a pair of coordinates for your satnav system. Traditional astrology only looks at the latitudes of the planets that seemingly rotate around you, on a flat plain. This consultation also considers the longitudes of the planets (their relative height to you).

Traditional astrology puts you at the centre of your chart. Heliocentric Astrology puts the Sun at the centre and you (on Earth) somewhere outside of the centre. This consultation considers your place in this incarnation from both being central to life, and also as a small part of a bigger whole.

I also refer to both the pre-natal & post natal Solar and Lunar eclipses in your chart, and how the future ones are designing your future.

This is a whole new experience of your cosmic blueprint. You don't need to read Tom's book 'Soulwaves - A Future History', however should you wish to (and I recommend you do, because I couldn't put it down!), you can buy it here,

If this sounds like the experience for you, then please complete the form below, and click PURCHASE to complete your order. I really look forward to facilitating your Soulwaves Consultation and revealing 'Your Future History'



Write as much or as little as you like. I will do my best to answer your questions and concerns. If you want to go into lots of detail, please drop it over to me in an additional email to Thank you





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