"Louisa revealed fascinating, and helpful findings about our personal traits. This helped me reflect on our relationship Thank you Louisa x"

Wiebke's story is below

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Wiebke's story

“I have had the pleasure to benefit from Louisa’s professional insights and advice at two occasions.

Firstly, in 2013, when she did a joined reading for my, then new, boyfriend and me. Louisa revealed fascinating, detailed and very helpful findings about our personal traits that strongly resonated. This helped me reflect on who we each are and how we relate to each other and what challenges and strengths our relationship may bring. Based on our birth charts, Louisa was able to share information as far reaching as our libido, work ethic and egos, all very helpful in understanding oneself and shaping our budding relationship with clarity and awareness.

Secondly, in 2017, when we wanted Louisa’s help in setting a fortuitous wedding date. Through asking us important questions about the kind of relationship we would wanted to have, we knew that independently from the date, Louisa had already helped us once again in creating a positive and loving mindset to further develop and grow in. 

Knowing the challenges of organising a wedding by coordinating venues, guests and dates, Louisa was very kind and supportive in providing feedback on potential dates as well as suggesting particularly auspicious dates. Rather than announcing ‘good and poor’ date choices. 

This allowed us to reflect on the various characteristics different dates offered and what we could accept or wanted to rule out. Being aware of some of the various influencers of the date we eventually decided to go with, feels empowering and leaves me grateful to her advice.”

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