"I was just astounded by how accurate this reading was... Thank you Louisa x"

Penelope's story is below

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Penelope's story

I have just launched my new business, and am obviously experiencing the range of emotions that this leap of faith brings. I am also ambitious and optimistic about the development of the business, so I wanted to know if it could expand in the ways I had envisioned.

The delivery of the advice was excellent. Louisa has a naturally calming manner. which translated beautifully into the recording that was sent to me. She is professional and that shines through in the service that she provides. She goes through stage by stage and explains what she has done with enough detail without detracting from the question at hand. 

The advice and guidance was truly amazing. It was thorough and linked very well to the context I had provided before the reading. All of the points she had raised were relevant and made sense to the big picture. Some really useful ideas were teased out as a result of the reading and I will be reflecting on.

After the session I found myself smiling. It was so useful to hear someone who knew so little about my business actually speaking so much sense and I have drawn confidence and strength from this. I was just astounded by just how specific and accurate this reading was. Thank you, Louisa x

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