"Louisa helped me let go of any fears... it has helped me in my work and growth".

Kimberley's story is below

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Kimberley's story

I remember I wanted to surf the waves of optimum potential and opportunity and align my inner timing with the stars for my unfolding work. I wanted to know I was on track.

I felt validated and encouraged. I understood that I needed to notice those swells of energy and opportunities and to make sure I jumped up on my surfboard and really rode that energy.

Louisa helped me let go of any fears that what I was sensing about my power and purpose was just inflated ego and that it was indeed my soul’s calling. 
I have learned how incredibly helpful it is for me to trust those inner feelings of impetus and how they always seem to sync up with significant cosmic events that are there to support me. It has helped me time steps in my work and growth.
I trust myself and the universe more.
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