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Now I love being pregnant. Really I do. And yet from the moment I found out I was expecting for a third time, I'd be lying if I said I hadn't been imagining when he would arrive. I'm an astrologer after all, and deal in birthcharts based on the exact time, place and date of birth.

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3:27 AM theres no place like home baby pink shoes unsplash-logoJanko Ferlič

North Node into Cancer - 7th November 2018 - 5th May 2020

Mid November is an interesting time. Let's not mince words - It's like being in a whirlwind of swirling energies moving in different directions. 

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unsplash-logoArtem Bali

Jupiter's orbit around the Sun takes 11.86 years to complete. It therefore changes astrological sign approximately every 12 months, sometimes more and sometimes less. This November (2018), Jupiter moves into Sagittarius and will reside there for just under 13 months. So what does this transit mean to us?

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