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"I love Louisa's warmth and sense of fun in readings. It's just like sitting beside her having a two way conversation! With two pages of notes from a 15 minute reading you can imagine just how much information is included."
Jackie Roberts, spring 2019



I offer you cooperation at the highest level. It is important you get a consultation that is 'fit for purpose'. Contact me and we can arrange something that suits you.

here's how I approach my work with you when you buy a 90 minute consultation, my most popular product.

1 - Pre consultation

When you invest in a 90 minute consultation or a bespoke membership plan, we have an initial pre-consultation call to get to know each other

2 - Record MP3

After I have a solid brief with you, I create the charts I need and set my intention for this work. The recording can then begin. I create an MP3 in my studio, and keep recording until I feel that I have helped you sufficiently.

3 - Share Consultation

Once I’ve recorded your MP3, I upload it to a password protected page on my website, which is your ‘Astrological Portal’ with me. In the portal, you can listen to my recordings for you (and download them). The Portal is where I share other astrological membership benefits with you.

4 - Post Consultation

When I’ve completed my work with you, I’ll check in to see how you’re feeling and whether there are lose ends or unanswered questions to tidy up. Within the membership, I also encourage frequent review/feedback points between us. 

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If you like the sound of the report excerpts, why not invest in a full consultation or reading with me. Simply head to my online store to book yours today.

I'm Louisa Tanner Munson. I get to see the lives of the people I work with, it's only fair you get to see some of mine...

Part 1 - 1974 - 2010

I was an intense little girl, aware that I saw and heard things most people didn’t, living in this world and connected to the ‘unseen world’ too. It was my mum who first introduced me to astrology, telling me I was born on the cusp between Sagittarius and Capricorn. At this point my love affair with all things mystical consciously began. 

I formally began studying Astrology when I was 20, whilst still working full time in ‘the real world’. At that point, I was working in tourism and living in and around the UK, France and Italy.

Around 1999, I gravitated towards coaching, within the Financial Services and Insurance Industry. Over a few years, I trained as a ‘trainer, performance coach and facilitator’. With handfuls of professional qualifications, I began writing materials and courses and delivered workshops and development programmes to people of all experience levels. Retrospectively, this structural framework has greatly informed my current client work. There aren’t that many astrologers out there coming from this kind of formal learning background.

I added in hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming and timeline therapy to my corporate skill set and began working freelance. I loved the freedom of working  for myself and with several key clients.

Part 2 - 2011 - Now

My restlessness has seen me live in different places around the world, experiencing different cultures and belief systems. It’s a good job I didn’t meet Mr Munson until my late thirties, or I’d have missed out on many rich, formative experiences.

When I fell in love with Carl and became a mother in 2011, my attentions turned completely away from my conventional foothold in the modern world. It feels like I’ve lived two very separate lives .

I flourish as a wife and mother and my empathy, compassion and service to others has swelled, 

I’m always learning, and my relationships give me all the opportunities I need to grow as a person.

'Testing, testing, 1,2,1,2'

I’ve grown my astrological coaching practice, since becoming a mother. As a stay-at-home working mother, the kids (3) can come first, but I manage a very strict timetable to work with all my clients.

At first, I was simply testing my work with clients,  to see how I could make the switch from my previous corporate freelance presentation work to a non-corporate vibe. And it has grown from there. After three years of motherhood, I gave up my regular stints in London delivering professional coaching, and embraced my emerging personal style.

I played around with radio and podcasting, given that I could fit it around motherhood, and that my husband is a prolific presenter, producer and anchor man. In fact it’s worth checking out his amazing work here too – http://www.carlmunson.com, for I have learnt so much from our love and collaboration.

Navigation's what you need

It has taken a lot of work arounds to feel ‘integrated’ (ish) as a person, and its not something I take lightly. I’m appreciative of all the teachers who’ve helped me polish up those hidden bits of me I dared not show, and I’m grateful to those who’ve helped me (and continue to help me) shine the light on my darknesses. Acknowledging and forgiving those darker sides of my experience and beliefs has helped me loosen my attachment to my continuous, internal dialogue between good/bad, light/dark, purpose/senselessness. And I think I bring this sense of inquiry and exploration to my client work now.

It is right, that I finally outed myself as an Astrologer when I got to 40. I needed to experience a lot of life, to have the kind of understanding to be able to work with all the amazing people I’m fortunate to work with now. It’s safe to say I’ve been through many different flavours in my life/ Many ups and downs, illnesses, relationships, addictions, jobs, countries. I’ve loved and lost and loved again. I’ve had 3 children, 2 miscarriages and considered all aspects of fertility, and that too is set to change in the next decade.

I don’t have all the answers, but I have enough experience to be of use to you. I am always growing. I grow with my clients and at the back of my mind know that we will probably outgrow our need for each other at some point and that’s good too.

I seem to attract people going through life changes. Clients on a ‘rites of passage’ style adventure. Ready to take the next step and wanting an intuitive ‘heads up’ to ease them through their change. As I’ve been through many incarnations just in this lifetime – I’m quite a good choice if you’re wanting to embrace change.

And so, I leave you here. My story is continuing, as is yours. If you want help navigating your story, I’m an intuitive co-pilot extraordinaire and great star map reader too! x

Want to hear more?

Click below to listen to the ‘Love Special’ show, I did with hubbie and anchorman, Carl Munson in 2018. Below that is our first interview together (before we had met and fallen in love!). This was recorded back in 2011.

"you tuned into absolutely everything that i am working on now. It is an absolute gift"
tom evans, author, spring 2018
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"Louisa's work is DIVinely guided. She enables powerful 'aha' moments of reflection on 'what has been', with a gentle observation of the 'here and now'. She has the clarity to imagine the possibilities of an expanded future consciousness"
gemma o'rourke, spring 2019