"The recording landed in my inbox where I could download it onto my phone...I'm now armed with masses of insights to guide me through those things that might sneak out of the dark! Thank you Louisa, you've hit the sweet spot yet again!"
Jackie Roberts, Smart PA, February 2019

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“Hey, I’m Louisa. I can tell you what you don’t yet know, that you need to know, to save you lots of time, money, energy and heartache. I’ll share my best tips to making the planets work for you.

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Watch 'Learn Astrology Easily'

A short 5 part series where you can learn to draw up your own birthchart, and understand some of the astrological terminology, I refer to. I recommend watching this and using www.astro.com. 

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My interviews with amazing healers, social philosophers, mystics, communicators about their thoughts on 2020, the ‘pandemic’, and the ‘The Great Realisations’ that they have of these times. (also available on YT and Spotify)

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"Louisa was a game changer in my life much more than she can even imagine! I recommend her services 1000% because a 100% doesn't feel like enough..."
tatiana amores, spring 2019

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"Thank you Louisa for the June 'codes' reading, it was spot on as usual! I am as, usual, going through a deepening and processing the information. More to come through and look at in due course..."
lynn paterson, spring 2019
"Working with Louisa has been a revelation! She is so immensely knowledgeable, combined with her intuitive capacity, it makes for an amazingly healing and illuminating experience"
gillian alexander, sacred touch, summer 2017