"The recording landed in my inbox where I could download it onto my phone...I'm now armed with masses of insights to guide me through those things that might sneak out of the dark! Thank you Louisa, you've hit the sweet spot yet again!"
Jackie Roberts, Smart PA, February 2019

All you need do is choose between a reading, or a coaching package, and you can be on your way to advice and guidance within 5 minutes

Membership & coaching plans

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How can I support you to feel amazing and thrive? 

One of the benefits to enjoying membership, is that you have someone ‘on your side’, assisting you to stay abreast of uncomfortable cycles, giving you the chance to plan appropriately. 

But its not just the tricky times to be strategic. Imagine how powerful it is to ‘know when the best times are’….you can expand your life during the very best times and take full advantage of your cosmic coding.

Arrange a video call with me (Louisa), so that we can work out what level of support is right for you.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, let’s talk and design a tailor made service just for you!


The Astrological Guidance Plan

77 / month
  • Personal monthly astrology update
  • Ask a question
  • 1 x 1hr Video coaching call
  • Your yearly forecast
  • 40% discount on further products
  • Email support as necessary

The Deluxe Astrological Coaching Plan

270 / month
  • Personal monthly astrology update
  • Ask a question
  • 2 x 1hr Video coaching call
  • Your yearly forecast
  • 40% discount on further products
  • Email support as necessary


Email Louisa for this option, louisatannermunson@gmail.com

Why Choose Membership

Your Intuitive Personal Assistant

For those who want to enjoy a deeper understanding of themselves, I always recommend a memberhsip package. With membership, you get a steady stream of inspiration, guidance and attention, to ensure that you are on track to reach your goals, and aware of potential challenges coming up. I create a safe space for you to be you.

I believe that membership offers the very best of how I work, because at some level, I am working on your behalf, even when I am not at my desk. it is an ongoing relationship, and many clients enjoy the feeling of having their own intuitive Personal Assistant. It's like 'I've got your back'. I am 100% here to assist you, whatever life throws your way.

I am also very happy to work in the best way to suit you as a client, so can tailor the plan between us to ensure you get your needs met in the most powerful way. So your plan could include regular coaching video sessions, allowing you to talk through your ideas, release limiting belief patterns, consider new possibilities and make plans to thrive.

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My clients come from all walks of life. I have many clients throughout the US, Canada, UK, Australia and Asia. Mostly my clients are independent thinkers, who often work creatively with careers that 'add' something to the world. Most of my clients work for themselves as entrepreneurs and have a life plan that is unusual and interesting. I offer my clients a safe space to explore their potential, find greater clarity and increased freedom. 95% of my clients find me through recommendation. Most of my membership clients initially come to me for a 'one off consultation' and later convert to a regular membership.

Client Testimonials

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“Bloody AMAZING and MAGICAL stuff, Louisa. I am so grateful in your intuition which resonates so deeply with me. It is also funny, because it always sounds like you are in the room with me and I answer you as I listen in. Just WOW WOW WOW. How blessed I feel right now? Thank you once again”
“Just listened in to the monthly update and your answer to my question. You were right, that I had already felt my answer. This felt like a sumary of past readings, coming alive. I really appreciate the readings /lunar return work you do for me! I will listen in again soon, because there is always something more for me digest with each listen. Thanks Louisa”
unsplash-logoJonathan Forage

Book a call to explore your great adventure

Book a short exploratory call with me, (Louisa), to explore the best way I can assist you in your life. I am mostly available in the morning (US time zones), and between 2-5pm in Europe/UK time zones. Drop me a message here louisatannermunson@gmail.com


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If you need a ‘quick shot’ of guidance, or want a little clarity on a simple question, this could be the reading for you. 

Please do tell me about what you need to know, by completing this questionnaire https://www.feelgoodastrology.com/readingpreferences/



This is great reading to explore the potentials of a situation, and to find a way to move forward. Understand your blockages and blessings. Please let me know your needs –https://www.feelgoodastrology.com/readingpreferences/


I dive into your situation, revealing useful strategies, resolution and timing. This depth affords thought-provoking perspectives and a clearer understanding. Please let me know your needs –https://www.feelgoodastrology.com/readingpreferences/




Guaranteed 48 hour turnaround

In case you can't get hold of me!


If you need to contact me at all during the process of purchasing a reading/consultation, please reach me at louisatannermunson@gmail.com or WhatsApp 00 351 917 382 233. You can also try the handle @feelgoodastrology and message me either in comments on youtube channel @feelgoodastrology, or find me on twitter and facebook.

I usually respond to every message via email, but some customers have found that my email address goes into their JUNK/SPAM Folder. Please do check your folder in case this has happened to you!!

"Louisa was a game changer in my life much more than she can even imagine! I recommend her services 1000% because a 100% doesn't feel like enough..."
tatiana amores
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"Thank you Louisa for the June 'codes' reading, it was spot on as usual! I am as, usual, going through a deepening and processing the information. More to come through and look at in due course..."
lynn paterson
"Working with Louisa has been a revelation! She is so immensely knowledgeable, combined with her intuitive capacity, it makes for an amazingly healing and illuminating experience"
gillian alexander, sacred touch

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