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Because humans always want to know what happens next!

How would you right now?


Need some guidance? Send me your question...

Sometimes we just need some quick astrological first aid, where I help bandage up that tricky situation

A 20 minute or 60 minute consultation is usually enough to get you a really useful answer. I always give helpful pointers to release tension and maximise success within your situation.

When you work with me, it’s a relationship. As such, many people who ‘ask a question’, later invest in a membership or coaching plan. However we work together, I’m keen to build the best connection with you that I can.

MAster your Life using astrology!

If you can dream it, you can do it

Imagine your own private space, where you receive personal coaching updates, and where you can have your questions answered

Most astrologers stick to the stars, but I’m also a coach, so with me  you get astrology+. Astrology that you’ll be able to use, to plan your future, delivered in a way that helps you use it.

Whether you want a yearly picture, a weekly or monthly focus. I’ll encourage you to use our time together, to unfold, explore, dream big and stay ahead of the game!

Learn more about your cosmic plan below!

What you get in Membership

your personal page your cosmic plan

As a membership client you’d get:- 

  • A personal monthly update of approx 20 minutes 
  • Can ask me one question each month, that I answer as quickly as I can
  • A coaching session (Coaching memberships only)
Optional extras:-

If you need extra support, you can also opt to have an extra reading or coaching session, as often as you like. (additional fees may be necessary)

As I use a combination of skills, live sessions are a combination of deep listening, coaching, Intuitive astrology and NLP.

Plans range in price from €44.40 to €222.00

Consistently observing the patterns!

What makes Feel Good Astrology so good?

I’m a one woman band, but like to make a noise!

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Introducing your astrologer - Louisa

Astrologer, Coach, Channel, Podcaster, Presenter, Healer, Wife, Mother

I bridge the magic & mundane with my practical blend of Astrology, NLP, Coaching and Channeling. When you work with me, I’ll focus you around self-healing, the right mindset and ‘futuring’. Right now, I mainly work with small business owners and entrepreneurs

Many of my clients have been with me for over a decade. All my work is bespoke. Clients can opt for a one of a kind consultation/reading, or they can work with me in membership. I have a great retention and am proud to be the ‘go to’ person for my clients.

I’ll tell you what you don’t yet know, but need to know……to save you time, money, effort & heartache

Louisa Tanner Munson


Getting started with me…


A little about me…

  • I’m clairvoyant, clairsentient, intuitive, channeller
  • I’m a Sagittarius, Moon in Pisces, Ascendant Scorpio
  • I have been hooked on Astrology since I was 6 years old
  • I’m British, and live in Portugal with my husband and three children.
  • I’ve lived in 5 countries – UK, France, Italy, Bali, Portugal
  • I have worked in coaching/presenting for over 15 years
  • I am trained in Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro Liguistic Prorgamming), Time Line Therapy, Counselling, Reiki
  • I’m self taught with Crystals, Tarot and use my intuition with healing

I love my clients.

I have been actively practising with clients for over a decade and have LOTS of great feedback (too much to share here). Here’s a taster of what you might experience as my client.

Kimberley Jones / www.kimberleyjones.co.uk

Kimberley's Story

I remember I wanted to surf the waves of optimum potential and opportunity and align my inner timing with the stars for my unfolding work. I wanted to know I was on track.

I felt validated and encouraged. I understood that I needed to notice those swells of energy and opportunities and to make sure I jumped up on my surfboard and really rode that energy.
Louisa helped me let go of any fears that what I was sensing about my power and purpose was just inflated ego and that it was indeed my soul’s calling.
I have learned how incredibly helpful it is for me to trust those inner feelings of impetus and how they always seem to sync up with significant cosmic events that are there to support me. It has helped me time steps in my work and growth.
I trust myself and the universe more.

Aliss's Story

Louisa’s guidance has encouraged me to take control of my life.

I look forward to my monthly updates with Louisa. She is always spot on and honest as well as engaging (even though its a recording it feels as though you are sitting with her conversing).

I can’t imagine being without her especially during this current period in life with so much uncertainty. Would happily recommend her to the world as well as gift my friends with consultations. Thanks for everything Louisa!

Penelope Reid /


Penelope's Story

I have just launched my new business, and am obviously experiencing the range of emotions that this leap of faith brings. I am also ambitious and optimistic about the development of the business, so I wanted to know if it could expand in the ways I had envisioned.

The delivery of the advice was excellent. Louisa has a naturally calming manner. which translated beautifully into the recording that was sent to me. She is professional and that shines through in the service that she provides. She goes through stage by stage and explains what she has done with enough detail without detracting from the question at hand. The advice and guidance was truly amazing. It was thorough and linked very well to the context I had provided before the reading. All of the points she had raised were relevant and made sense to the big picture. Some really useful ideas were teased out as a result of the reading and I will be reflecting on.


After the session I found myself smiling. It was so useful to hear someone who knew so little about my business actually speaking so much sense and I have drawn confidence and strength from this. I was just astounded by just how specific and accurate this reading was. Thank you, Louisa x

Maggie Toole

Maggies's Story

I was ‘gifted’ a question to ask Louisa in March 2019, and I asked ‘What will I have to do to take my health seriously?’

I was shocked at the accuracy of the reading. I’d never met or spoken to Louisa before, but the information that came back was extraordinary. She saw through some of the unhappiness in my life, I felt stuck in a corporate job that I no longer enjoyed, she picked up on my spiritual side, and the fact that I am a gifted healer, but not using my talents. However the one thing she said that was an ‘awww’ moment, my weight wouldn’t change until October. Following this initial reading, I signed up for monthly guidance and month on month the readings were spot on. I developed my healing skills, created my own healing modality, am less stressed and much happier.

And as predicted October heralded the start of my weight loss journey. My big realisation was to heal myself first, and the rest would fall into place.

More love from my clients.

here’s even more great feedback from my clients

Keyona Coward
Keyona CowardGuidance Plan Member
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Louisa's guidance has encouraged me to take control of my life. I look forward to my monthly updates with Louisa. She is always spot on and honest as well as engaging (even though its a recording it feels as though you are sitting with her conversing). I can't imagine being without her especially during this current period in life with so much uncertainty. Would happily recommend her to the world as well as gift my friends with consultations. Thanks for everything Louisa!
Rosanne Hunt
Rosanne HuntGuidance Plan Member
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I really look forward to my monthly updates from Louisa Tanner Munson. She has the most lovely way of reading the charts and always gives me a huge sense of confidence and strength in the month ahead. It’s particularly easy for me to write this right now. I have just had a moment of crisis and listened to some of the past readings, which gave me great comfort and they are very accurate. It was uncanny to hear them again. Thank you so much Louisa, I’m so lucky to have met you
Beth'Gift' Consultation Client
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He listened to it ALL....and just came out with the biggest smile. I can tell he feels emboldened. I am so grateful.
Benjamin Stubbs
Benjamin StubbsInfluencer and Mastermind behind 'Head Rest'
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"Louisa combines explaining Astrology so eloquently whilst speaking from her heart. I always feel the authenticity in her words whenever I have had a reading....and to top it off she is extremely accurate too!"
Vivienne Cazaly
Vivienne CazalyGuidance Membership Client
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I was lucky enough to be introduced to Louisa about a year ago and am always really happy with my monthly readings.. And always I look forward to receiving them. I have been given so much fantastic guidance over the last year which has enabled me to look at things in different ways. This has been really useful to me over what has at times been a challenging year. I would thoroughly recommend Louisa. Her readings are like having little chats and there is always humour involved.
RebeccaQuestion Consultation Client
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Good Morning Louisa. I hope you are well and had a great weekend. I've listened to my reading again and have gained even more clarity so thank you again. I definitely want to work you on a monthly basis. I'm happy to be guided by you.
Gillian Alexander
Gillian AlexanderSacred Touch Healing
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"Working with Louisa has been a revelation! She is so immensely knowledgeable, combined with her intuitive capacity, makes for an amazingly healing and illuminating experience".
BethanyQuestion Consultation Client
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I loved that I laughed with you and blushed as you put me in the spot light. But I want to speak to some of the specifics. I need to let it all settle in. You are on target. Tuned in. And delightful!
Christopher Johnson
Christopher JohnsonCurator at Joy Therapy
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"Morning Louisa! Blimey! I don't know where to start! Have listened 3 times to your reading and am quite shaken up! (in a great way) Everything that you see, has happened and is happening, am feeling very trembly! Is that a word? " (it is now, Chris!)
Tatiana Amores
Tatiana Amores90 Minute Consultation Customer
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"It's very hard to condense in a little paragraph the amount of changes Louisa made in my life simply by reading my natal chart! Louisa was a game changer in my life much more than she can even imagine!
Jackie Roberts
Jackie RobertsSmart PA
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"Thank you again my lovely for being so helpful and supportive- your words continue to fascinate, empower and move me - how lucky am I?!"
Tom Evans
Tom EvansAuthor, Podcaster, Influencer
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"You tuned into absolutely everything that I am working on now. It's an absolute gift. You told me what I didn't already know, that I needed to know. Thank you, Louisa".
Fran Barlow
Fran BarlowFran Barlow Healing
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"I have known Louisa Munson for 8 years + now. Everything she said about me was accurate. I learned that Louisa can pinpoint in great detail the situations and events that will occur in one’s life. It surprised me that anyone could know so much from just a birth date, time and town".
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'The best date for a Gay Wedding'


Daily contributor to the Jornal De Anadia


Daily contributor to the Jornal De Anadia


Daily Moonscopes, Regular Contributor


Contributor / Published article


'The best date for a Gay Wedding'


Daily contributor to the Jornal De Anadia


Daily contributor to the Jornal De Anadia